Meeting all of your spectroscopic data processing needs

Symbion Systems, Inc.

provides a complete family of software products to meet wide-ranging requirements from laboratory data manipulation and analysis to multivariate analysis and on-line process monitoring.

Discovery and Data Collection

Symbion LX provides the capability to control diverse near-IR, mid-IR, Raman, and UV-visible spectrometers while also serving as a fully capable spectroscopic data station. It includes extensive 2D and 3D visualization functions, a comprehensive math library, the ability to execute chemometric predictions from Symbion QT and most third part MVA packages, and extensive method development capabilities.

Analysis and Multivariate Calibration

The extensive math capabilities of Symbion LX, DX, and RX provide the tools needed to meet virtually any data analysis or preprocessing requirement. In addition, with its unmatched ease of use, Symbion QT delivers the broad capabilities of modern chemometrics without the need for specialized training. The resulting calibrations are fully validated and documented and ready for deployment.

Development and Deployment

Symbion DX provides a comprehensive environment for initial application exploration and development through on-line deployment. Built with 21st century technology, it provides the high productivity environment required to remain competitive. Its diverse capabilities encompass calibration, system configuration design, communications, validation, and documentation.

Symbion-RX adds the security and audit trails required for 21 CFR 11 compliance. Both programs operate under Windows operating systems XP through Windows 10.

Symbion RTM is the highest speed analyzer deployment platform available. RTM enables the configuration of sophisticated, fully documented process applications without the need for specialized programming skills. When the application is deployed, the operator is presented with a simple “start” button and a process display in specified format. The use of Symbion’s SA-2000 Analytical Appliance can further augment deployment by providing a fully locked down hardware environment for dedicated applications.

Systems and Services

In addition to its standard software products, Symbion Systems provides a wide range of system analysis, design, and integration services.