This page provides access to a variety of material of use in the collection, analysis, and utilization of spectroscopic and related data both in the laboratory and on-line process control.

Data Sheets

A list of all data sheets, for both the Axiom Lab–Line and Process–Line products, available in one central archive for viewing and downloading.

Technical Notes

A collection of published journal articles and other technical notes written by our staff members.

Historical Notes

Publications of historical and biographical interest.


Title (Click to view .pdf)

HN-201 A Random Walk through 50 Years of Optics and Spectroscopy

Links to other resources

Links to other web sites which can provide information of use in planning and implementing your spectroscopic applications.



Applied Chemometrics, Inc.

Comprehensive supplier of chemometrics software, training, consulting, and support
Vidrine Consulting

Vidrine Consulting is a consulting firm which is owned and operated by Warren Vidrine, an industrial chemist/spectroscopist.

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