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One of the many QT screens illustrating the use of tabs for rapid selection of model building steps and result displays.

Symbion QT represents a new approach to chemometrics, one which places the chemometrics engine in the background and focuses instead on streamlining the process of building and deploying chemometric models.

The QT Model Builder employs a step by step workflow approach which guides beginner and expert alike through the process of assembling and processing the data needed to build and evaluate calibrations. The resulting calibrations are fully validated and documented and ready for deployment.

The entire QT package has been developed from the ground up to provide a completely natural, non-intrusive development environment which frees the user to focus directly on meeting project requirements without being encumbered by overly complex software.

Symbion QT Data Sheet

QT Features:

During Development:

  • A clean user-oriented approach to model development
  • Integrated Work-flow environment
  • Automated model optimization
  • Rapid, flexible assembly of training, test, and validation data sets
  • Auto-generation of reports to document every step of method development and deployment
  • Incorporation of external variables such as temperature, pressure, and flow into models
  • Compatible with diverse data formats and instruments
  • Supports PLS, PCR, and PCA

During Deployment:

  • Rapid, simultaneous execution of multiple models by means of multi-threading
  • Full integration into the Symbion suite of analytical software
  • Replaying of pre-acquired data using new or refined models
  • Rapid, flexible assembly of training, test, and validation data sets
  • Full Life-Cycle Optimization™ utilizing automated internal diagnostics