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Overlay of the four main windows of Symbion DX – Method Development, Manual Data Analysis and Control, Run-time (On-line) Control and Plotting, and Historical Data Analysis.

Symbion DX and RX provide a complete application development, networking, and on–line monitoring environment for all process analytical technology (PAT) requirements. These programs include all of the capabilities of Symbion LX and LRX but add comprehensive programming functionality – including the capability to execute programs written in MATLAB™, Octave, or TCL. Symbion DX is designed to meet the diverse requirements of the chemical industries. RX adds the audit trails and other compliance features required for operation in highly regulated industries. Even MATLAB or Octave scripts can be made compliant when contained within the Symbion structure.

The extensive development capabilities of Symbion DX and RX provide for the creation of customized methods and operating screens to meet virtually any requirement. For example, an operator’s screen can range from a simple start button and red/green quality display to a comprehensive set of statistical control plots. Once created, a method can be saved to the database and recalled via secure log-in for subsequent deployment.

Symbion DX & RX Data Sheet

DX & RX Features:

  • Sample system design and control
  • Simultaneous control of multiple analyzers
  • Extraction of process variable information from the raw data
  • Real–time trending of any number of streams
  • System diagnostics and alarming
  • Choice of file based or database storage
  • Archiving of data in a local or remote Oracle® database
  • Comprehensive method development capabilities
  • Flexible historical analysis
  • Remote communications via OPC, Modbus, TCP/IP, COM, DDE, etc.
  • Provision for compliance with 21 CFR Part 11 (RX)
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