SA-2000 Analytical Appliance

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SA-2000 appliance employing a miniaturized industrial computer

The SA-2000 Analytical Appliance provides a secure, streamlined approach to process analytical deployment by providing a locked-down hardware and software environment combined with a set of rigorously tested algorithms each of which is dedicated to a specific application. Each algorithm controls a specified analytical instrument and sample system and provides outputs in the form of process variable predictions. The Symbion Appliance thus inherently provides compliance under 21 CFR Part 11 while eliminating the need for validating complex instrument operating software and other third party packages.

Communication between the Appliance and analytical instruments is via a set of instrument-specific drivers which do not require instrument vendor software on the appliance. Communication with control systems, historians, and other data systems is provided by an internal OPC client/server. The client/server also provides communication with the components of a sample conditioning system the operation of which may be integral to a given analytical method.

Symbion SA-2000 Data Sheet

SA-2000 Features:

  • Rigorously tested industrial hardware
  • Embedded operating system
  • Embedded Symbion-RX software
  • Locked-down algorithms for individual analytical methods
  • Compatible with many spectrometers and other analytical instruments
  • Compliant with 21 CFR Part 11
  • Miniaturized industrial computer for ultra-small footprint and low power consumption
  • Browser-based Connectivity
  • Controllable through any Smartphone or Tablet