Symbion RTM

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Symbion RTM’s standard operating screen showing both a trend plotting area and spectral display.

A standardized platform for rapid, continuous on-line process analysis and control, Symbion RTM has been designed to provide a flat easily-understood one-button operating environment. Its administrative functions include the Symbion TDE Automation Method Builder, which provides for straight forward step by step a development of fully documented applications without the need for specialized programming skills.

Symbion RTM can be used with a wide variety of analytical instruments, controlling the simultaneous operation of one or more instruments as well as auxiliary sampling equipment, while synchronizing chemometric operations, data display, and storage. The use of multi-threaded data processing enables these operations to run simultaneously, greatly accelerating overall operating speed. In practice, the speed attained is limited only by the capabilities of the instruments and multivariate software being used.

Symbion RTM Data Sheet

RTM Features:

  • A standardized platform for rapid, continuous on-line process analysis and control
  • A simplified (flat) user interface to facilitate use at every skill level
  • Workflow oriented method development
  • Multithreaded operation to enable simultaneous operation of disparate functions
  • Communication with sampling systems, historians, and process control systems via standard protocols, including OPC, Modbus, TCP/IP, COM, and DDE
  • Extremely rapid processing of spectra and provision of process variable outputs
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